How Mattress Made Me a Better Salesperson

It is time to pay tribute to your rest hours. Choose the mattress those best suits your body and your habits, and you will wake up like new every morning. You spend no less than a third of your life sleeping. It is not surprising that you need to invest money in a good mattress that guarantees that the hours you spend in bed are well spent. Do not hesitate; sleeping well improves your quality of life. Once you launch yourself to acquire a quality mattress, the big question comes. Which one do I buy? In the market there is such a wide variety that it can overwhelm. The choice of the most suitable for you will depend on factors such as material, weight and firmness.

When should I renew my mattress?

Ideally, do it every eight or ten years. From the decade, whenever it has been used every day, the mattresses lose firmness and the qualities for which they were chosen. Changing the mattress at the right time prevents health and sleep problems.

Hard or soft

One of the first questions that you have to ask yourself is the firmness of the mattress. More than a choice based on your tastes, this is what best suits your rest. Choose it hard if you sleep on your back or your weight exceeds the average so that it does not cost you to turn around. Otherwise, if you lay on your side or do not weigh too much, choose a less firm one that is more pleasant to your movements and share your weight. A good mattress should respect the natural curvature of your spine, so you do not suffer pain and your rest is optimal.

Types of mattresses by their composition

The next thing you should think about is what material you want:

Mattresses springs: they are traditional, endure many years and distribute very well the weight of the body. They can be independent, continuous or bagged. The latter consists of hundreds of independent springs, wrapped in individual cloth sacks and joined by a very fine grip. In addition, you can find them with a superior layer of latex, gel or viscoelastic to increase your comfort.

Polyurethane foam: if you are not going to use it frequently or your budget is adjusted, you can opt for these. They are comfortable, good heat insulators, easy to handle and the most economical.

Viscoelastic: those of this viscoelastic material are more expensive (around 800 euros) and are composed of a special foam that adapts to our body by the heat and pressure of it, thanks to the so-called ‘memory effect’.

Latex: are the most expensive on the market (the price varies, depending on whether it is natural or synthetic), are suitable for all those who have some type of allergy, such as mites. They offer a firm support, but at the same time they are very flexible and adapt well to the contours of the body, distributing the pressure evenly.

According to the popular saying ‘two who sleep on the same mattress become of the same condition’. This is not like that by far, at least as far as the dream is concerned. The best thing for two people, especially if they have different weights and customs, is to opt for latex or bagged springs, which help maintain the independence of movements without disturbing the other.

Once you have chosen the one those best suits you, look for a good mattress cover to protect it and that lasts longer in perfect condition, in addition to guaranteeing greater hygiene.

I already have the mattress, and now what?

Unless it’s a renovation and you just need the new mattress, it’s time to look for a base to place it on. Again, there is a variety of options, from the classic slatted wooden slats to the firmer upholstered bases or chests. The latter are folding canapés that are raised so you can store everything you need inside and free up space in your room.

The best solution for a hurry

If you suddenly have guests but not enough beds at home the best solution is to get an inflatable mattress that you can inflate in a moment, with the help of an electric or manual pump, and solutions like this the stay of your friends or family. Of course, they are not appropriate for everyday rest, but they are very comfortable, helpful and easy to handle in any room of the house. Choose between singles or doubles and adapt the sheets you have at home. Problem solved. For more easy purchasing visit best memory foam mattress once and the whole problem van be solved.