Why choose a spring mattress or viscoelastic?

Choosing a mattress is choosing rest, so making a good decision will be paramount in your well-being. One of the most common questions we ask when choosing it is: spring or viscoelastic mattresses?

As professionals of rest, we are very aware that the right mattress will be one that meets the needs and preferences of each. Materials, dimensions, finish… All the elements will influence the rest benefits that the equipment offers, although it is also necessary to take into account that in order to ensure a restful sleep it is fundamental that the base is adequate for the type of mattress chosen.

In the case of the core of the mattress, today we want to help you to know the characteristics of mattresses of springs or viscoelastic, two of the most requested materials, so that you know how to choose your mattress. Keep in mind that the core of the mattress is the most important part of the rest equipment because it conditions its firmness, and therefore, your sensations.

Mattresses spring

Depending on the type of springs they incorporate, the mattresses will offer different sensations to the user, although it is true that, in general, they are characterized by offering perspiration and firmness.

On the one hand, there are Bonnell mattresses, traditional mattresses and, on the other hand, mattresses with pocket spring. The latter, being independent springs, adapt better to the physiognomy of the sleeper. In Relax we manufacture this type of mattresses with 3, 5 or 7 comfort zones depending on the different parts of the body.

As manufacturers of rest equipment, we have an extensive catalog with different types of spring mattresses that can be adapted to your needs.

Viscoelastic mattresses

Adaptability is one of the main characteristics of viscoelastic mattresses. That yes, it will vary depending on the amount and density of the material. It can be said that this material presents what is known as the “footprint effect”. This means that when pressure is exerted on the viscoelastic surface, it adapts to the ergonomics of the body, and when it ceases to do so, it returns to its initial form gradually. This type of mattress is recommended for people suffering from back pain, muscle or joint pain.

Some characteristics that have been achieved through the fusion between aeration and the materials used; we have developed different types of different foam cores with one, five or seven comfort zones.

In summary, what we can conclude is that what you have to take into account when choosing a mattress, either spring or viscoelastic, are the tastes and needs of those who will sleep there. The choice will depend on whether you sleep alone or accompanied if you are cold or hot if there is a mobility problem as well as respiratory and even weight and height.

If you want to choose the best mattress for your rest, sleep is your choice.

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